TRAILTOAngkortours and Travel is the local tour operator based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, established by Khmer local people. Knowing that Cambodia has potential for both cultural and eco-tourism, we built up a team that has involved in tourism industry for more than 10 years in order to provide a great trip for our value clients. 


Professionalism - Besides the knowledge in this business and understanding our clients’ needs, we all put our efforts and commitments to work to provide them a good service and satisfaction. We will assist and work with our clients from the beginning until the end of their trip with speedy feedback, flexibility, and passion. We are willing to provide our clients the services that reach standard level and professionalism and this is our promise in this business.


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Social Business - The thing that is much more special about us is not only to reach our clients expectation and provide them a good services but we also contribute to our society by turning our profited business becoming social business, so some proportion of our profit is donated as a fund to support a local non-profit organization called Rural Hospitality Vocation Training (RHVT), which was created under the support of our company and our sister company (Community Residence Siem Reap), and our partner (Community Home Stay) to provide vocational skills training that relates to tourism sector for people living in rural area in Siem Reap. This is what we are doing to contribute to our society and help to produce potential human resources for this tourism industry.


Charle Choeun, Founder & CEO





An amazing unique experience brings you to be in an exciting trip which is more than you could imagine. What does make it called unique experience? It is the combination of visiting the temples in Angkor area and experiencing the life of Khmer local people on the floating village and in the countryside.


Ox cart ride



There are not only beautiful temples in Angkor area but also some temples located out of town that people rarely go and reach there. Those places were the former of capital city and their architectures are as fantastic as the ones at Angkor. You are highly recommended to explore there.


 Koh Ker temples



Coming to Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, travelers should do once in a life time for their travel experience. Doing this but not experiencing as much as your money is a waste of time and energy. We have developed a system package that allows you to get more experiences from your tour to the fullest.

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