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Cambodia is a monsoonal country characterized by two major season, strong prevailing winds from the southwest bring heavy rains  and high humidity during the rainy season from June to November. Summer months from March to June can be overwhelming to Westerners unaccustomed to the searing temperatures, which often soar above 100*F (38*C). The dry and somewhat cooler season from December to March is best time to visit Cambodia.



The Region's Two Seasons  


 dry icon Dry Season ( November - April )

Cool dry air from the North ushers in the Southeast Asian dry season; from the beginning of November until mid April, you can be sure of clear skies and almost no rain. The countryside dries out under the cloudless skies and the level of Tonle Sap lake drops to its minimum.

The temperatures between November and February make up the traditional high season, as larger numbers of visitors travel through the region, coaxed by the promise of cloudless skies and cool temperatures. In April, the average humiditiy and heat rise to the highest of the year.


rainy icon Green Season ( May - October )

May and June bring moisture-laden air from the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Thailand, bringing greenery back to the region´s countryside.

Don´t be concerned by the season´s showers, however; the rains form a predictable pattern - clear, sunny mornings and a 60% chance of showers in the mid to late afternoon-and bring green into the countryside. The humidity and temperatures drop to low around October when the weather can feel almost Mediterranean.



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